How to order from taobao?

Step 1:
Search for what you want to buy at, do save the item's url and the sizes or colours you desired.

Step 2:
Once you have chosen your items, you can submit to your order using this format:
Contact No:
*Repeat if it's more than one item*
Item URL:
Comments (Size/Colour):

Alternatively, you can fill up this quick order form here.

Step 3:
We will send you a confirmation invoice for your orders. Make the first payment after confirming your items.

Step 4:
We will start to purchase your items once we receive your payment. If there is any problems regarding the item like 'out of stock', we will notify you via email or SMS, else the seller will send out the goods to our China warehouse within 72 hours.

Step 5:
Once your products reaches our warehouse in China, we will consolidate your order and send to Singapore.

Step 6:
Once the items reach singapore and have been inspected, they will be weight and measured. You will be requested for a 2nd payment for the shipment before the item is packed and delivered to you!

Step 7:
Item delivered/collected by you!

How to search items at taobao?

1. Type what you want to find on the search box at

2. Example I want to search 'pooh', all the products available for purchase will be shown below.

3. After clicking on the picture you wanted, it will direct you to this page.
I have labelled them, do click on the picture to see ^^

We will need the Item URL, Quantity and Comments to purchase the items for you.