Sunday, October 28, 2012

I've got several request asking for recommend shops in taobao for female apparels!
Below are a few of the shops, feel free to shop there!

This shop mainly sells European Style clothings like topshop brands etc.
Most of the clothings have sizes.
The material is quite good, and the seller is friendly and trustable.

Catworld?! Isn't it familiar? Hehe..
The shop sells a wide variety of clothings, material is good.
Most of the clothings are free sized.
You can check the description for your size details!

Personally, I did not buy anything from there before!
I've got some feedbacks from customers that the shop sells great clothings.
Material is great!
It's a bargain for korea clothings as we know korean apparels are much more expensive!
Ladies can take a look here too :)


Hope you guys enjoy your shopping, if you need any other recommendation of taobao shop, do email us at