Thursday, November 8, 2012

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Qn: Does this top only cost 2元?! That's freaking cheap!

Ans: Nope! Check the seller's rating. No one bought from the shop before, no ratings, no nothing... So basically that shop is not trustable. Even if you really buy from the shop, the seller will not care about your orders since he's offline all the time.

How to find the same piece of clothing?
Simply copy paste the title and paste onto the search box and click on 搜淘宝(means search entire taobao) 

After clicking the search button, this page will appear...

So many same top, but how to check which one is cheaper?
There is a sort by section here:

Click on sort by price, they will sort items starting from the cheapest.

For this piece of clothing, the cheapest will be 29元.

You can use this method on any items to search if there's cheaper ones.
Happy shopping!